Colin shares his Xootr experience ...

This came about from a quick Facebook chat with Colin who works near Darling Harbour in the Sydney CBD:

"So here's my story in brief. 50 + overweight, decided to do something about it. So I have been intermittent fasting for over two months and decided to go back to scootering to assist the weight loss. Have lost 20+ kilos and gone down 3 pants sizes. I'm not one for exercise for it's own sake and cannot run (blow out the knees probably), so commuting is a way to exercise with a purpose."

"Arrived 10 minutes ago. Well done Sendle and Xootroz.
It's peeing down rain in Sydney at the moment ...
But everyone in the office has had a scoot."

Cheap K-mart skate helmet, $25, Seems pretty solid though.
Also attached a Go Pro to it and filmed my daily commute."

"This is the view from my office"

"A short length of knotted paracord and we are nice and secure on the train."

>> You can watch a short video of Colin's commute from Lime Street to Wynyard Station which shows the fast, smooth ride of the Mg by clicking here.


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