Guest Blog from Xootr Owner Dave Mane

Yes fellow Xootrers we've opened up the Xootr Blog for owners to get involved. If you'd like to be a guest blogger & tell us why your love your Xootr email me with your text & some pics.

First up we have photographer Dave Mane from Sydney, you can find out more about Dave at Dave Mane Photography.

Dave shows how easy it is to change your Xootr's personalty with a quick deck swap. As much as he loved the Dash, he decided he wanted a wider deck so he went for the magnesium Mg deck:

Dave on his Dash

Dave on his Dash

"I just replaced the narrow deck with the wide one for my wide feet, the wide deck is a joy and here’s some photos of the exchange and the successful test ride."

The Dash reborn as an Mg

Dash reborn as Mg

"And a few words on why my Xootr is so great. So easy to carry, to get on and off, strangely almost self propelling, it just keeps on going and for the elderly scooter rider here, secure, it goes straight over those pavement cracks with it’s big wheels."

The Test Ride

Dave on the Mg


"You ride with the confidence that you won’t be a feature lying in the nature strip any time soon. I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now, I’ve lost 3 kilos, feel healthier, people smile as I roll by, I’m seeing places I didn’t know existed and I look forward to using it.

Yes I love my Xootr."

 - Dave

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