The Xootr Freedom - by Ray F

While in Sydney earlier this year I was amazed at the number of people I saw riding scooters to work in their suits. In fact I saw a Barrister arrive at the Downing St Court on a scooter complete with his black robe with a satchel over his shoulder.

It made me think, “why not?” So I set out to do a heap of online and in-store research. Some brands used a lot of sales spin but their specifications and the reviews told a different story.

I found the Xootr Australia website and was hugely impressed, but kept looking around. I couldn’t find anything to match the Xootr specifications including weight rating, materials used, metal wheels, sealed bearings and more than anything, the overwhelming positive reviews and customer service.

All the family pitched in the buy me the Xootr Mg for my birthday. I love the light weight magnesium metal deck, wide enough for both feet side by side. Everyone who’s tried it out says how smooth it is and how far it goes on one kick.

I scoot most days, and love scooting around the Melbourne CBD, through the parks and gardens, along St Kilda Rd, around the Shrine, Southbank, Docklands, across the worm bridge, Carlton, the Exhibition Builds, and the Yarra River walking paths.

Ray & his Xootr Mg

I decided to buy the ergo hand grips from Xootr which made my riding more comfy with more control. I love the height adjustable handlebars. Most other brands only had three set height positions.

I convinced a mate to buy a scooter and we get on the train and head into town. Lots of people ask me about my Xootr and I love telling them my story and about my wheels.

I’ve not come off it once, and I think that’s helped by the clever reverse facing front wheel forks that enables the wheel to manage uneven path surfaces, sticks, stones and other little obstacles.

Because I ride where there are lots of pedestrians like Southbank, I installed a small bell. I hate it when some kid on a skateboard or scooter zips past me from behind and scares the life out of me. The bell provides a good warning that I’m coming.

Ray & his Xootr Mg

Having a front and rear brake is a huge plus, and get this, the front wheel brake has been calibrated so as not to jam the wheel and send the rider over the handlebar.

I love my scooter, it folds up neatly for the boot or train travel and with the wide shoulder strap, I just fold the scooter and sling it over my shoulder and it’s out of the way.

I feel like a kid again riding the scooter, I think it’s the individualism of the carefree freedom that I don’t even feel while riding my bike, it’s just different.

My only regret is that I didn’t get a scooter years ago, but I’ve got one now and my Xootr absolutely ticks every box. My little grand-daughters love getting on it with me and riding up and down the driveway of our unit block.


Ray F.

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