Welcome to Xootr Australia & New Zealand!

Hey Xootr freaks and friends,

Welcome to the first blog under us the new owners.

I’m Ronni and I’m here to tell you my business partner and other half Charlie and I are freaking loving our new Xootr life.

First of all…how cool are they? Their beastly design was loved so much Steve Jobs had one in his office. Now that’s freaking cool. In fact I don’t think it does get any cooler considering what an icon of design Mr Jobs was.

But I’ll try ;-)

How’s this:

Tom Brady, Uma Thurman, Kate Hudson, Hugh Jackman, Glenn Close, Matthew Broderick and former US President Jimmy Carter have all been seen on a Xootr…and that’s only the ones I’ve found out about so far.

Now that’s an eclectic bunch of age groups and people, or should I say adults. Remember the Xootr is especially designed for adults.

The thing I love most about the Xootr is that as a family we can all join in the fun. My other half weighs in over 100 kilos and for years he had to sit on the sidelines watching our son and I scooting around everywhere. And now because of the Xootr and its 363kg weight limit he can come too. Once I tried his Xootr I bought myself one. I loved the ride. Smooth, very fast and at last I could keep up with our son and sometimes even pass him because the frictionless wheels are so damn...  umm frictionless! I also really love the wide baseboard. It makes me feel safer. And I love, love the front brake.

Our dogs are crazy about the Xootr too. My husband used to loathe taking the dogs for a walk, but now he Xootrs his way with the pooches and they love running beside him. Best exercise for both the dogs and hubby.

How passionate are we about the Xootr? So much we bought the company.

OK, so that might be a bit extreme for most but it’s not just a great urban commuter and fun weekend ride, it’s a great family activity too, and environmentally friendly …but that’s a whole other story for my next blog.




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