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As George Orwell once wrote in Animal Farm, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” A comment on the hypocrisy of governments that proclaim the absolute equality of their citizens but give power & privilege to a small elite.


So in an awful example of paraphrasing I say “All Xootrs are equal, but some Xootrs are more equal than others.”  Meaning all Xootrs are equal, but it’s the deck that makes some more equal than others”. Yes feel free to punish me on that one.


What I’m trying to say is “One Xootr, 5 different decks.” From the plastic resin deck of the Dash (the lowest priced Xootr) to the deck of the Street which is machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminium (our most expensive) and in between Wood (The Cruz) and Magnesium (the Mg) - it’s the deck that makes the difference.


And it’s a matter of pure personal choice. ALL those decks are weight-rated to hold 363kg. The wood is considered ‘old school’ as it was on the original Xootr, and hey it’s WOOD you cant get much ‘old school’ than that as a material. 


Some prefer the narrow deck of the Dash, and the fact it comes in blue or red. It’s lighter, easier to carry on your back but you need to ‘goofy foot’ it. Meaning one foot in front of the other when riding. This does have the benefit of one foot always being near the back brake.


The Mg is our most popular, I think because the magnesium deck looks just so great, it’s such a modern looking machine.


Personally I like The Street, I can’t even tell you why, it’s just the way it looks and something about the fact the deck is machined from a block of solid aluminium.


Remember, if you purchase a Xootr you can always get another deck to change it’s personality. ALL decks fit ALL Xootrs.


Whichever one you chose remember they all have the great almost frictionless wheels, the same incredibly solid base. PLUS I don’t understand why ALL kick scooters don’t have front brakes. As any motorcycle rider will tell you 90% of braking power comes from the front brake. And you will need that power, these things FLY.


Xootr is the ONLY scooter company that specialises in adult scooters. And we only have one, with a choice of decks. And FOLDABLE (with the click of ONE button) so you can carry in a bag or with the Xootr carry strap on your back. Get on the train or bus, fold it then sling it on your back or in a bag and your transport become very  portable.


And LIGHT (4.6kg) thanks to award-winning design by Lunar Design (they have designed for Apple).


Other scooter companies have everything from kiddies scoots, to electric scoots to so-called adult scoots (good luck finding one if you’re over 100kg) which is great, BUT if you’re SERIOUS about scooting, and you’re an adult there is really one one choice (erm that’s XOOTR in case you haven’t really been paying attention).


Personally I became a fan of Xootr when my wife & kid were having a blast scootering around on sidewalks on holidays (the Honeysuckle drive path in Newcastle is scooter heaven!). They just had cheapies to scoot around on but I was 100kg plus at the time and I couldn’t join in the fun. So I googled ‘Adult Scooter’ and found Xootr.


SO much fun being able to scoot with the fam :)


Back to Mr Orwell for a second, I do believe the phrase “All scooters are equal, but some scooters are more equal than others’ to be completely true in the case of Xootr ;)


- Charlie


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