Xootr Standard Spare Wheel

Xootr Wheel - V3

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This wheel is suitable for use as a front or rear wheel on all v3 Xootr models (the model before the v4 quick latch version), except as a rear wheel on a v3 Xootr Mg.

While we engineered our kick scooter wheels to provide you with years of trouble free miles, they will eventually need to be replaced. This kick scooter replacement wheel is the same fast, durable wheel that come standard on all Xootr push scooter models.

Please note, many customers have lubricated their kick scooter wheel thinking it will roll even faster. In fact, nothing will ruin your wheel quicker.

Lubricating your kick scooter wheel will cause dirt, grit, and grim to stick to the wheel and work its way inside the bearings and cause them to deteriorate quickly. Our shielded, self lubricating bearings, which are included, will never require maintenance during the life of the wheel.

We have created video's showing how to replace the different kick scooter wheels:

 We also have old fashioned written instructions for replacing the different kick scooter wheels:

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