Xootr Kick Scooter FAQ

Cool name. How is the brand name Xootr pronounced?

Its pronounced "zoo-ter". Think of a xylophone or Xerox.

Is the Xootr scooter easy to ride?

There is a graceful learning curve with the Xootr scooter. Just get on and go. But like most things, the more you ride the scooter the more you will start to push the boundaries a bit and test out the performance capabilities. Go for it, but wear a helmet!

Should I worry about accidentally pressing the QuickClick latch button while riding?

No worries. The latch is designed such that when the rider’s weight is on the scooter deck, the latch is self locking. So, in order to release the latch, you have to relax pressure on the latch by getting off the scooter.

Will i exhaust myself to get where I am going?

Not really. On flat surfaces like a sidewalk or a paved street the glide is about as effortless as a bicycle -- you will not even break a sweat. Ride hard though and you will get that heart pumping. Obviously, going up a hill stinks and it does not matter if you are on a bike, inline skates, skateboard, or riding a Xootr. If the hill is steep enough you are going to get a workout. With that said however, if you are going up a hill the Xootr scooter is lighter than a bike to push (or it can be easily folded and carried) and it glides better uphill than a skateboard due to the larger wheel diameter.

How well does the Xootr scooter glide?

It cruises well because we make the wheels out of an exotic, low-hysteresis polyurethane to minimise rolling resistance. The wheels are also about three times as large as skate wheels so they glide much better than smaller inline or skate wheels. These are adult kick scooters, which means they require big wheels. Large wheel scooters are often heavier and more durable. Bottom line...they go fast and cover a lot of ground with little effort.

What is up with the front forks? They are angled backwards. Did you guys blow it on the design?

Trust us, it is supposed to be like that and is part of the patented design. The front wheel is swept back to keep the steering stable. The next time you are at the grocery store check out a wheels on a shopping cart - the design is the same. Bikes have different stresses and head tube angles which effect the steering axis. That is why a bike's fork is swept forward. A scooter is different than a bike and we have designed our forks accordingly. We have actually seen scooters in which the designers just used a basic bike fork design because it looked good to them. We think these other scooters are dangerously unstable.

Is the Xootr scooter safe?

Ridden under normal conditions, absolutely. The Xootr scooter is as safe as a bicycle or skateboard. Avoid areas with cars and wear a helmet and/or other safety gear to minimise the risk of injury.

How do I stop?

All Xootr scooters have a brake just like a bicycle hand brake on the front. Many riders also find it convenient to use their shoe to brake on the rear wheel. You can use these techniques or, if you are not going too fast, simply step off. We ship all our scooters with a fender brake kit so you can put your foot on top to stop.  

Will the front brake pitch the rider over the handlebars?

With a bicycle or an car, about 75 percent of the stopping power is provided by the front brake. Scooters are no different. Without a front brake, a scooter can not have great braking performance. We have carefully tuned the brake so that it is hard to lock up the front wheel. We have experimented with a lot of brake designs and have found that riders much prefer the current Xootr front brake to any other alternative.

How does the Xootr scooter handle bumps in the road?

In this case bigger is better. The large diameter wheels clear gaps in concrete or pavement that would hang up a skate wheel. The Xootr scooter also handles well in gravel and small terrain features. However we do not recommend slamming the Xootr scooter into a curb to get over it like some people do with their bicycle.

I saw a "Razor" scooter in a store for $100. What makes the Xootr different?

The "Razor" and the various other "in-line skate" scooters are quite popular and can be fun to play around on. We feel that they make nice toys for kids. The primary weakness of the razor as compared to the Xootr is that it allows only one adult-sized foot on the deck and that the wheels are quite small and can get easily hung-up in cracks and imperfections in the riding surface. The Xootr is a high-performance vehicle for adults and young adults. Unlike toy scooters, our adult kick scooter has ultra-fast urethane wheels a rugged CNC machined structure, and high levels of craftsmanship applied throughout. Our scooters will also accommodate adults up to 2 metres and support over 363 kg.

I have arrived at my destination, now what do I do with the Xootr scooter?

Most people just carry the Xootr scooter with them. It weighs just a bit more than a laptop computer and folds down in a few seconds. If you want to leave it somewhere you can lock it using a u-lock or cable lock. It will also fit into a half-height gym locker. Our carry strap makes it easy to carry around with you over your shoulder while shopping or navigating through crowded areas.

Should I lubricate the wheel bearings?

Absolutely not, nothing will ruin the bearings faster. The bearings are self-lubricating meaning that they come pre-greased. Many customers believe that adding more lubrication will increase the speed of the scooter, but it only attracts dirt/grit which makes its way into the bearing. Your bearings will outlive the life of the wheel. The only maintenance would be to clean the outside of the bearing if there is a build up of hair, string, dirt, etc.

My wheel is not perfectly centered in the fork, is my scooter defective?

No, not at all. The fork is made through a stamping process from a flat sheet of aluminium. Typically each side of the fork is the nearly the same distance apart after it is formed, but not always. This is no way has any affect on the performance of the scooter and is completely safe to ride.

Where can i try the Xootr scooter?

If you know or see someone with a Xootr scooter, ask to let you take it for a spin. Most people we know are pretty cool about sharing the Xootr scooter experience.

Otherwise, you can take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee on direct sales. Order the Xootr scooter from our web site, and if you do not like it for any reason, send it back within 30 days from receipt of your scooter. We will refund your full purchase price less shipping, if applicable. That is how convinced we are that you'll dig the Xootr scooter. 

We simply ask that you make sure that the scooter is undamaged if you ask for a refund.

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