Xootr Maintenance / Problem Solving

When you receive your Xootr we urge you to 'get to know' your little machine. Ride slowly and feel the balance, test the brakes and see how they are designed to quickly slow you rather than abruptly stop.

With any new machine it's always good to run an eye over it, make sure everything is in place. Xootr a made to last a very a long time and if you follow some quick easy checks once to twice a year you can ensure the longevity of yours. Only takes 5 minutes.

EVERYTHING on the Xootr is replaceable, even the frame, And it's basically all bolted and screwed together, some of the more critical bolts have LOCTITE to make sure they do not get loose. But over time the sheer stresses and vibrations of carrying weight at speed can change things.

If you do wish to perform some easy routine checks & maintenance on your Xootr it's worthwhile getting these 4 simple tools from your local hardware store:

1) 3 x HEX KEYS - You'll need a 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm hex key

2) WRENCH - 10mm or small adjustable.

As a reference, this  is what I use:

Xootr Tools

I'll be using my trusty old Cruz as a guide and yes it's taken a beating over the years and has been lent out as a demo many times but still runs as good as new. Yes I probably need a new front tire but hey it still runs fine so really, no need. It just looks a little odd with that groove down the middle. Xootr U.S. say I have created the first Xootr wet weather tire :)


Probably the first thing to check if you think the steering is a little loose or wobbly. There are 6 metals studs, 3 on each side of the scoot. These are part of the locking mechanism and if they come loose you (or we) will need to replace the deck.


Xootr Parts

This is how your Xootr SHOULD look. The studs should be pretty much flush with the frame. If you see even ONE sticking out NOTICEABLY more than the others, we have a problem. (NOTE: I don't know why there is sticky tape there, possible my kiddo taped a plastic soldier on for the ride :))


Once again, the 3 studs should be flush with the deck.

That's it for studs, now onto bolts & screws ..

2) HANDLE CLAMP (front): 

Check the TOP of the steering column, there are 3 screws that hold the HANDLE CLAMP onto the STEERING COLUMN. You'll need the 3MM HEX KEY to check the tightness of these. IF the screws turn endlessly, they have stripped their threads somehow. Sometimes from over-tightening. If this is the case the steering column will need to be replaced, Not an easy job but hey if I can do it maybe you can, if not send it back to us and we will fix it for you.


Xootr Parts


Next, and this is an important one, the bolts that join the steering column with the front forks. These are LOCTITED in and should not come loose. But if they do they will definitely affect the handling (and safety) of the Xootr. They are also quite hard to check properly without  disassembling the front end. This means removing the front wheel, the forks and the front brake (quite tricky to get back in because it has a spring). But really if you can move the front forks (the thing that holds the front wheel in)  and see there's movement between it and the steering column - you (we) have a problem!

These are the 2 bolts:

You need to turn your Xootr upside down to see these two. See if you can find any movement here.  You will need 5MM HEX to check / undo these bolts.

By the way the groove in the tire is caused by a raised piece of metal or debris stuck in the brake pad. I need to remove and fix or replace it (and the wheel!) but it still seems to run fine so I'm leaving it for now.

The following are more for rattles than performance related.


Always good check the deck bolts (Use the 4MM HEX) , easy to do on the Mg, Roma & Dash as the bolt heads are visible on the deck top.

On the Cruz & Street however there are friction pads covering the bolt heads. In theory these should not be able to come loose as the nuts are blocked from turning by the frame. On these models turn your scoot upside down and see if the nuts are loose.


Xootr parts


Xootr Parts


Xootr Parts

These bolts keep the rear fender / brake in place.

6) There are a few other obvious nuts and bolts where it is easy to get your 10MM wrench and just make sure the nuts are tight (do not over-tighten). They are the nuts on the end of the axles of the front and back wheels, the front brake holder and the steering column anchor bolt.

Xootr parts

And if your one-click release button is sticking or hard to push, spray a little WD40 on it and push the button in and out a few times - should do the trick.

Xootr parts

That's pretty much it. We at Xootr encourage owners to do checks and maintenance every few months. You will be rewarded with the very long life of your Xootr and yourself (safety-wise :))

Of course if any of the parts are faulty we will replace them free of charge, We're also happy to fix your Xootr if you pay shipping costs. (about $20 in Australia, $70 fo NZ).

But really it's worth getting your hands dirty, even if you, like myself are not mechanically-minded, it's so satisfying to get to know your Xootr this way.

Make sure you check out the Service & Manuals page. There are some videos which may help with the maintenance side of things. Also you will find the Xootr manuals there.

Any questions at all feel free to email me Charlie@Xootr.com.au - We want our Xootr owners to be 100% happy with their beautiful little machines and we're always here and happy to help.