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Hello Xootr friends and freaks!

Well, it’s officially winter!! Isn’t it just the best when you can hunker down in your home and get all snuggly by your fire / heater. It’s the bomb.

 After work or on the weekends you can Netflix your brains out, whilst sipping hot chocolate and eating all your favourite snacks. (Which BTW includes more chocolate, and in the evening red wine replaces the hot chocolate).

 There you go, winter is sorted!

 OR IS IT? (** Insert dramatic music here**)

I know, I know, there is nothing better than being snuggled up to your fave fur-ball and revelling in the fact that you don’t have to move.

 But you got to move, even if it’s for just a little bit. The best way to get around in Winter is to Xootr around. Get the family out and about. Get rugged up, head to the park, botanic gardens, historical sites, boardwalks or head riverside.

 What I like to do is head somewhere I’ve never been before. Always check it has footpaths and Xoot around. I’ve discovered so many delights in my local area I would never have known about because I just would not have walked that distance. But when you got the Xootr you get to places faster but you can still stop and smell the roses.

 The good news is, you can stop at your choice café or discover a new favorite.

 You know that Xootr-ing burns calories too?? Yes indeed.

Trust me you will feel better for it. It will also make you feel less guilty about bunkering down with your remote, best chocolate and red wine. Because you know you will have worked off some of those calories and you deserve to reward yourself.

 After all, eating baked potato is fun, but looking like one is not. Unless you are smothered in butter…LOL.

Ronni xox

p.s. Always ride your Xootr in dry weather to be safe, although Harrison from Kick Scooter Pro obviously has no problem with it as he takes a Xootr for an icy spin around New York's Central Park.


Harrison on Xootr



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