All I Want for Christmas is to be a Xootr Parent

As the warm weather hits with a vengeance this December our thoughts turn to long summer days, recreational fun in the sun, and the inevitable outdoor activities with the kids.

Add to that the impending joy of Christmas gift giving and we’re left with only one conclusion: time to join the Xootr life!

So why consider a Xootr for Christmas…?

Because it’s great to get out with the kids!  We have lots of parents buy scooters for the same reason: their young children are nervous about learning how to scoot, so they’ve bought one for themselves to show the kids how much fun it is. 

In fact – that’s how we got into Xootrs in the first place; to cruise around the neighbourhood with our kids.  And they still love it!

As a family and Xootr owners ourselves, we often venture further afield for our regular weekend breakfasts.  It’s too far to walk to the next suburb to try the new café, but not so on a scooter!

The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to get out and about in your local neighbourhood with the kids.  And when you inevitably have to get back to the daily grind – grab your Xootr and inject some fun into your commute!

No doubt you’ll find it handy once the kids are back at school too.  Don’t want the kids riding their bikes on the road or footpath?  Join them on their scooters and get to school in a quarter of the time!

Scooting really is a brilliant family activity.  Feel the wind rushing through your hair, watch the footpath whizz by under your wheels, and experience your childrens’ joy as you join them in their favourite activity.  Happy days!

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